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Marathon minus 5 days …

November 30, 2010

Happy almost Hump Day Everybody!

I have been non-existent for more than a week – I’m so sorry! Do yourselves a favor and NEVER sign up for a marathon smack in the middle of the holidays. It’s a scheduling and training nightmare. I mean, yes, it’s good because it’s *harder* (not impossible) to put on weight, but when you do that and love traveling, suddenly you start to hate all forms of locomotion. Anyway …

I’m 5 days away from the marathon and I’m starting to become stoked: 1. The people I work with are SO supportive: encouraging words and telling me the office will survive, etc. 2. One of my best girlfriends is baby-sitting the puppy, and 3. Traveling with the hubby and my Mom (who I know will rock the streets of Memphis).

Dear Readers, PS, I’ve been singing, “I’m running Memphis …” for a few days now. Anyway …

Yes, lots of “Anyways,” … I’m too excited. The race is almost here, the training is almost done, the eating is almost done (yes, the eating – even *I* am tired by the amount of carbs I’ve been consuming) and dare I admit, I’m ready to take a running break (a month maybe?). I hate running in the cold. I think this weekend will be SO good!

A VERY SPECIAL AND LARGE THANK YOU (!!!!) to everyone who has e-mailed or commented to me over the past few days about the excitement of this upcoming weekend. I think I’ve really down-played it (or maybe everyone else is just so stoked) because the support has been incredible. Right at a time when I’m completely exhausted from all the fund-raising and running, everyone is at my [training program] finish line and that’s when (unbeknownst to me) I needed it the most. I truly feel like I have the greatest friends and support network.

I do miss – just a little – writing about the love of running. I further, dare admit, I lost it a little bit in the past few weeks. I think I’ll resume sometime after December 25 or maybe after the New Year, but if I know myself well enough, I can promise one thing: I will be back (though I don’t know if I will be before the marathon).

Anyway(!) … Here is my running plan for 2011 which I promised to reveal last week: start a running program in work. Yup! I organized my Firm’s “Lawyers Have Heart” Team last year and I think that I’ll do the same this year AND organize a running group to go with it. I have had a lot of running questions over the past few months from co-workers and friends and there is nothing I would like to do more than help others reach their fitness goals AND achieve a love of running. As such, the tentative plan is to start the running group in April with everyone meeting on the weekends for “Long runs.” Here’s my thought for you all: you ever consider doing that with YOUR co-workers? If not, give it a whirl. I think it would not only improve team spirit, but maybe even corporate efficiency in the long run? It’s just a thought. …

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for ALL the support since July. I have made so many new friends, received so many encouraging words, raised a great amount of money for my favorite charity (it will be over $5k by the time the Marathon rolls around!) and I have pushed myself to limits that I always wondered about previously. I feel a little “mighty” if I do so say myself. Of course, no man is an island in and of himself (and neither is a woman!) and I don’t know if I would have enjoyed this process as much without my blog and my friends.

Truly blessed, thank you,


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  1. Chris permalink
    December 2, 2010 11:54 am


    • December 2, 2010 10:26 pm

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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