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November 21, 2010

Today is the last day to make a donation if you want to be a part of the Marathon or Bust Raffle. Tomorrow morning, at 6am, I’m pulling names from a hat and the winners will be published in tomorrow’s post. If you haven’t made a donation yet, I highly encourage you to give up some luxury item for the week (Starbucks, eating lunch out?) and make a $5 or $10 donation because the prizes are incredible and EVERY donation is a chance to win a prize.

I’m heading out for a 12 Mile run right after I hit “Publish.” This will be my LAST run greater than 10 miles before the Marathon – it’s crazy!

I also want to thank everyone who’s been reading the blog over the past few months. I read all comments and messages and greatly appreciate the support you’ve given to me over the past few weeks. I’ve really enjoyed raising money for St. Jude’s, but I’ve equally enjoyed the verbal support received and the new friends (fellow bloggers and local runners) that I’ve made.  If I didn’t love running then, I do now (well, kind of, lol). I’m really excited that the Marathon is less than two weeks away! And I’m a little sad. Maybe. I mean, I know I’m really going to enjoy the break but it is odd to spend so much time doing something and then one day, it’s all over. Marathon or Bust will never be over, I know that for sure. In the next few weeks, I’ll tell you what my running plans are for the New Year – indeed I have some – and I think some readers will like some of my plans so much that they might try and do it in their own locale. That sounds rather cryptic now, but it’ll make sense next week or the week after.

Now I’m off! … Don’t forget to make your donation today! If you were going to donate, I would want you to have a chance to win a prize!

Happy feet,

ep 🙂

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