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I’m not Dead …

November 19, 2010

Hey Everybody, I am approximately 2.5 days behind on my blogging.  It’s so unlike me since I blog about every day, but work has been VERY busy lately, so I do apologize because not blogging means I can’t share all of the details of the days leading up to a Marathon.

I can’t write a long post either because I actually still have a lot to do tonight (it’s the dang holidays around the corner!), so I apologize for not sharing an Inspiration story today but I’m going to try REALLY hard to get one next Friday which will be the FINAL INSPIRATION POST before the big day!

Speaking of finals, this is the FINAL WEEKEND for you to be able to make a donation and be eligible for the Marathon or Bust raffle.  I’m posting on Monday who the winners are !!! GET EXCITED !!

Now here’s my confession: In the same way I’ve been slacking on blogging, I’ve let my running go to the wayside. I’m was milking this taper but quite frankly, I’m now abusing it. I’ve run a total of 2 Miles this week! It’s bad. VERY BAD. If you’re training for a marathon, Don’t do that. However, I’m running 5 tonight and I’ve got 12 this weekend, so everything won’t be completely lost.

I’ve got to run, readers (literally!)  Have a great weekend! I’ll try and post tomorrow or Sunday.


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  1. November 19, 2010 7:21 pm

    Better to be under-trained than over-trained. Fatigue (mental, physical, and emotional) towards the end of endurance training is totally normal. Just try to enjoy the taper and imagine your legs like a spring that is now coiled up just waiting to be unsprung on race day!

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