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It is NOT Funday Monday …

November 9, 2010

or Funday Tuesday.  I know.  I know … I’m about 4 days behind in blogging.  I’m sorry.  I can’ help it.  I’ve been in a terrible and grumpy mood.  Here’s the short reason why:  I fell – BAD – during my “long” run on Sunday.  Note the quotation marks; that’s because I only ended up running 5 Miles.

Yup – so, I left for 14 Miles on Sunday night around 6pm. Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, I was all decked out in neon yellow and sportin’ some ear muffs and gloves (I also forgot how I hate running in the cold).  Anyway, about 5 Miles in I took off my gloves to grab myself some sports beans.  I don’t know if I was distracted by the Sports Beans or if I was just completely mindless (possible if you readers can recall how easy it is for me to fall; click on this old post for an example). Anyway … I was actually focusing really hard on not losing any beans because those slippery buggers tend to hit the ground and I don’t like losing my fuel, but the next thing I know, I was down on the ground myself, kind of rolling, almost into the street.  The definitive culprit was an uneven something in the sidewalk that was sticking up, which caught my foot, but the thing that I was the most mad about was the fact that I didn’t have my gloves on while I fell because the scrape from the fall hurt my hands pretty bad.  I wasn’t quite bleeding, but with the wind blowing, my palms were stinging. I kept thinking, “Why couldn’t I have fallen with my damn gloves on!?”

The good news is that there was no real injury to my legs, hips, knees, etc. – I think that’s where the roll came in. In general, all I recall is that I was really close to face-planting, but I didn’t want a bloody nose, so then I stuck my hands out, but then I remembered that I didn’t want to break my wrists, so I somehow softened my wrists and turned my body to the side, lifting my legs so that I wouldn’t also sprain my ankle. I know – you’re thinking – how the heck does someone think all this in such a short time span? I’m crazy, people. – That’s how.

So yeah, I got up and brushed myself off, but here’s something else that rubbed me the wrong way: a passer-by that laughed at the whole thing. Correction: An a$$hole who was walking past me who laughed.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about laughing. In fact, I fall down and laugh a lot – because I’m rarely hurt. And sometimes, I laugh at other people when they fall – BUT ONLY AFTER I ASK THEM IF THEY’RE OKAY AND THEY SAY YES. This guy didn’t have the decency to make sure I was okay so I responded to his chuckle, “That actually really ‘effing hurt! I could be bleeding!”

He kept walking and didn’t even turn around, so I did an about face and just told myself, “So you fell, no biggie. It was bound to happen, keep going.” I mean, it’s true: If you run enough, you’re bound to fall. TRUST ME. Everyone I know, who is a “runner” – has fallen. It doesn’t make you a runner because you fell, it’s just that, like I said, if you run enough, it’s bound to happen. Anyway, I got two blocks down the road and my hands were stinging so bad, and I was so mad at that guy who was a jerk, and my mind was not at all interested in running, so instead of continuing my run, I walked about 2 blocks home.

So yes – my first, kind of – bad run of the season. [My first fall EVER actually since I’ve started running] It’s not too shabby that I made it this far into training without already having this bad a run, but it was definitely not the “pep run” that I was looking for to prepare me for the BIG WEEK. In addition, I do have a lingering pain in my shoulder and on my back, near my ribs, so when Funday Monday rolled around, I wasn’t in so much of a “Running is fun!” mood to leave a post. Then, if I had any intention of posting something later at night anyway, that intention flew out the window when I arrived home to find that the puppy ate a hole in the wall. Yes, you heard me: the puppy ate a HOLE in THE WALL! Me and the hubs blame daylight savings time; it was the first time Max was by himself while the lights went out and silly us, we didn’t leave any lights on so suddenly he found himself in the dark. In the back of my mind, I always knew he’d eat a wall. I’ve heard it too many times, “I know someone who had a lab who ate a wall.”  (PS – now you do too and that person is me) The thing is, I can actually fix drywall(!) so, I never thought it would be a real problem. Well, leave it to Max: He ate the wall in the corner, where you pretty much can’t repair it, so now I have to call a Handyman. I’m pretty sure the Fix-It Man is going to have to  cut out the drywall to the floor and put in a new piece – screwing it into the studs and all. I guess we’ll have to see.

Funday Monday? No. Funday Tuesday? Eh. … I’m heading out for my 5 Mile Run now. If I come back unscathed, maybe this week is starting to take a turn …


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  1. November 9, 2010 7:31 pm

    Oh, no!! What a crazy story! So sorry you fell and hurt yourself…and I am so glad it wasn’t worse! Oh, and my sister-in-law’s dog chewed a hole in the wall and she’s not even a Lab 🙂 Hope the 5 miler goes Ok!

  2. November 9, 2010 9:09 pm

    i was wondering where you went!! i took a hard fall this summer (complete with bloody knees, elbow, and arms.. but that’s a story for another day.) i feel for ya, but at least you didn’t ignore yourself.. i was so nervous you were gonna say you had a bad injury that was going to derail your st. jude training!!! brush it off and get back out there 🙂

    and OMFG.. i’m excited to tell people i know someone who’s dog ate the wall LOL.

  3. Melissa permalink
    November 22, 2010 2:12 pm

    I had a similar fall experience…years ago I was running on the Mt. Vernon trail toward Rosslyn, and I tripped over one of the warped boards on the boardwalk that runs over the river. It was so, so painful, and just as I tripped and fell, an a$$hole biker rode by and didn’t so much as ask if I was OK. I was so mad, I limped home (this was when Mike lived in Rosslyn) cursing him the whole way!

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