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The Running Continues and Weird Things Happen …

November 4, 2010

So I’ve been doing good with training this week with the exception of today because I didn’t want to run in the rain and I didn’t want to run on the treadmill since I did that on Tuesday and it was boring. As such, I’m pushing back my 5 Mile run to tomorrow and I’m doing my long run (which is only 14 Miles) on Sunday. Yes, I still make myself a little sick in the tummy thinking anything around 10 Miles is an “only” kind of run for me. Man, wow! We’ll see how that changes next year …

Anyway, I’ve been spending my running time this week trying to wrap my head around the BIG WEEK next week which culminates in my 20 Mile run. I’m a little excited and a little nervous about it. In July, when I thought about it, I was scared. After my 18 Mile run, I’m not scared – but I’m afraid of being bored. I’m turning into a running junkie (i.e., I need stuff to entertain me on runs!).

Last night, while I ran my 9, I was thinking about looking for local marathons after I got home. Yes, you can call [also] me a Course Crasher! The bad thing about it (in addition to the fact that it’s not polite to crash a race course) is that I’m losing the mental training or mental will that comes with a 20 Mile run – if that makes sense.

By the way – the NYC Marathon is this upcoming weekend. I also fantasized about what it would be like to crash THAT course. Considering there’s a lottery to get in and stuff – I was really wondering if they have tight course security? (I imagine that, generally, they do since I’ve seen barricades along the course). Back to reality …

Since I’ve given you a glimpse of the random things that I think about while I run, I also thought it would be fun (albeit a little embarrassing to myself in some instances) to tell you about the things I do while I run:

1. I burp – a lot; mainly after eating fuel or drinking

2. Sometimes I fart though I try not to do it when other people are around; running gets your digestive system moving, ya know?!

3. I wave hello to fellow runners (ALL of them; few people wave back, but *I* say hi nonetheless)

4. I yell at cars that roll into intersections at stop signs because it’s a safety hazard for runners and pedestrians alike. For example, the other night, as some guy was approaching a stop sign, he was too busy lighting his cigarette to notice someone (ahem, me) was approaching the crosswalk, and thus step on the breaks [even though he should have stepped on the breaks anyway because it was a stop sign!].  I stopped running way before the intersection because I was actually afraid he would hit me, but when he noticed me and waved me on, because his window was down I said, “You need to pay better attention man!” before I took off.

5.  I blow my runny nose on my long sleeves. Yes. The weather is getting cold my friends and I don’t know anyone who carries tissues on a run!

6.  I stretch at every red light. I have always figured that a red light is the earth’s way of saying, “You should stop running for a moment and stretch.”

You may think it’s weird, but I guarantee you, every runner has/does weird things when it comes to running! Anyone else care to share?? (haha)

Happy feet to all,


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  1. November 4, 2010 6:27 pm

    Ha, ha!! That is great! 🙂 I actually do many of the same things as you so maybe it isn’t too wierd after all!? LOL!

  2. November 4, 2010 10:19 pm

    hmmm what do i do that’s weird?

    I don’t sing in front of anyone, cause well, i can’t sing at all (and that is not an exaggeration. i do not understand finding the beat of a song either, but i love music.) but i like to sing along to the music loudly on my ipod sometimes on deserted roads, it makes me laugh.

    not a *weird* thing, but i randomly will take a detour off my planned route to run through neighborhoods because i love to admire the houses.

    oooo speaking of rude pedestrians, i have a story to share. on my 12 mile run sunday, i actually two things: first, i stared everyone down on the road because evey 3 or so car, there would be people riding along in full costume which was entertaining to see… ok, back to story.. i actually had a car move their car on the road CLOSER to me (i was running a wide shoulder area of a highway) where their wheels were OVER the line, so a guy could lean his arm and head out the window to yell something at me. (i always under if guys are saying mean things or hitting on me since i can never hear them over my ipod.) i was outraged that they would move closer to a pedestrian.. if i hadn’t been shocked i would have screamed and flipped them off. GRRRRRR.. people can be idiots. it really makes me re-evaluate the places i think are “safe” to run.

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