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Being Hit by the Marathon Bug

November 2, 2010

Would I run another marathon?  Everyone keeps talking about this “bug” – the “marathon bug.”  I mean, yes, I know what this bug is because including the St. Jude Memphis Marathon, this will be my hubby’s THIRD Marathon. But, honestly, I’ve always thought of it more as a “disease.” :P. (PS – for non-runners – the “bug” is the urge, or outright plan, to sign up for another marathon after you complete your first)

After my trial run on Sunday, I understand completely how easy it is to get swept up in marathons and catch the bug: crossing the Finish Line was a huge rush and running past the Mile 20 Marker without stopping – well, that was a great moment (no one else knew it wasn’t MY 20!).

In some ways, beyond the actual 18 Mile run and the fact that it was so good, I really feel blessed that I got to hop on to the MCM on Sunday because: 1. I did feel the rush of, “I want to do this again” all the while preserving that I WILL actually do that again in only 4 more weeks; and 2. Because doing that trial run was like getting a vaccine.  You see – when you complete a marathon, since you just completed a two week taper and experienced the rush of crossing the finish line, you completely forget all the pain and sacrifice that you put in for your training – thus wanting to sign up for another marathon.  I think this is what they say pregnancy is like – right? You forget about everything the moment that baby is in your arms?!?

Well, no babies here thank you very much (my medal will be my baby) but since I still have a 20 Mile Run to go, and they taper is yet to be enjoyed, I do feel like maybe – just maybe – I will not get bit by the bug.  After all, I crossed a finish line and I got that little sweeping sensation – but alas, the pain and sacrifice is not so far behind me that my mind couldn’t battle the urge with a dose of reality.

I will admit – since I crossed that Finish Line – I know that I will not be a one-time Marathoner, but I guarantee you, I’m taking at least a whole year off.  I enjoyed the running part of the race on Sunday, but I equally enjoyed the first 90 Minutes cheering on our friend, so, for the next couple of years, I think I’ll be okay cheering on my beloved Hubs while he aims for Marathon No. 4 and maybe 5. (NYC, sweetie?!? I know you’ve been thinking about it ;))

Fighting off the disease (or trying),


PS – Sorry I skipped the Funday Monday yesterday. I was still so excited from my kick-a$$ 18 Mile Run the day before that I wanted THAT to be the first thing everyone read as a part of FUNDAY Monday.

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  1. Robin permalink
    November 2, 2010 3:38 pm

    Yea! I knew it! Your resolve is breaking down already:-)

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