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Because I’m not a Running Professional …

October 28, 2010

Because this marathon is not my priority, the training program this week has been partially sacrificed. I know, in theory it would be nice if training was a priority and maybe it should be since I have such a hefty fund-raising goal (or had if you’ve been following the blog long enough to know what I mean ;)) but the reality of the situation is that I have a full-time job, a full-time house and a being whose existence depends on me (the dog; not my husband … he’s been very self-sufficient lately :P).

It would be great if I could get my runs out of the way in the morning so that daily surprises can’t mess up my routine and plans, but starting with Wednesdays, where it’s too dark to run in the morning, well, it’s pretty much do or die when it comes to my runs. I’ve been scheduling the Weds. run for RIGHT after work and for the past two days, it’s been dead. I was supposed to run 9 Miles home last night but I didn’t leave the office early enough and I was tired from a long and eventful work day so I put it off to today, thought I’d run my 5 on Friday and just pushed back the 18 to Sunday. Now it’s 7:07 pm and I still haven’t run my 9 Miles or my 5 Miles for the week.

Truth be told, I skipped the allergy meds last night as planned (I’ve been taking them in the morning when I can remember), but I indulged in a glass of wine with dinner and we decided to let the puppy sleep OUTSIDE of the crate for the first night. Those last two items on that factor list, well, they’re lethal to my running plan.

Just like 2 nights ago, I was up at 3:30AM last night. 3:30AM!  When I first woke up, I probably could have went back to sleep but then I remembered that the puppy was not in his crate and I started thinking about all the destruction he could have achieved in the 4 hours I was asleep only a few feet away. So, I got up and decided to use the restroom as a ploy to check on him. Unsurprisingly, he was right where I put him – which was on his little blankie in the middle of the hardwood floor in the dining room – silly me! But of course, since I was up and walking (I didn’t turn on the lights though), he got up. So I tried to tip-toe around and went back to bed as fast as I could but even though I confirmed he was pretty much doing nothing, well as soon as I got back to my pillow, I further thought, “Maybe he was doing nothing, but now that I’ve stirred him, he probably thinks it’s 6AM and I’ve ignored him for the morning walk and now he’s going to pee!”

In case this wasn’t clear from my previous posts: DO NOT GET A PUPPY WHILE YOU ARE TRAINING FOR A MARATHON.

Anyway, I’m writing about my 14 mile slack because I’m really beating myself up. I’m 5 weeks away and I’m thinking, “Now’s not the time to relax!” On the other foot, I’ve also been telling myself: If you’re training for a marathon and you have a full-time job and you have a puppy and you have to do the laundry and you have to make dinner and you have to make plans for the weekend and you have to [you can keep on going] … and you can’t run one of your 5 mile runs, then that’s fine because it’s not like you’re a running professional! So until tomorrow, readers! I’m going to sleep!


PS – only 3 more days to take advantage of the Donation Deal Promotion! Make a donation today to increase your chances of winning a prize. Tomorrow, I’ll post a very special Final [October] Inspiration Friday post – AND I’ve got ONE MORE ONLINE PROMOTION going on – in conjunction with the DONATION DEAL promo – can it get any better? No. I mean, maybe – you know, if I was like a full-time running and fund-raising professional and I had all day to blog and make up marketing plans for Marathon or Bust, lol!

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  1. October 28, 2010 7:28 pm

    Training for a Marathon takes a serious time commitment and we are all bound to have setbacks and bad weeks. I totally hear you about the puppy thing, too…I don’t think I have slept through an entire night in the 3 years we have had our dog! :o) Good luck with the rest of your training!!

    • October 29, 2010 7:13 am

      haha – thank you! (Quick question: 3 years?!? I was hoping I’ll stop worrying when he’s about 2 and maybe more calm.)

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