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Only 5 More Days for the Donation Deal!

October 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday everybody!  I’ve been MIA since Saturday – wallowing in a fun Anniversary weekend with my hubby and taking some time to relax [the leg muscles] and reflect [my mind]. I was going to do some kind of “Special Wedding Anniversary” post on Sunday, but instead, I ran 12 Miles with my hubby and then we went out for a fancy dinner (it’s true, I just wanted to hole up with my hubs and pretend we were the only two people in the world). I admit, it was the Army 10-Miler on Sunday too  and for some portion of it I thought, “I should have went to packet pick-up yesterday and I should have been at the race today” but as I’ve succumbed to the balance of juggling the many balls of life,  I wanted to make sure my choices and actions were in line with my priority: the hubby and my pup.

We took off of work yesterday too. Honestly, it was one of the best days off ever. It’s really nice to just relax and have a day where you don’t feel like you have to run errands and complete chores. Technically, it was an official OFF re exercise too, but I did lift some weights because I’m still working hard to keep any running injuries at bay. The new running routine goes something like this: Dynamic stretching BEFORE run, Run, static stretching POST-run plus weights twice a week to build up the strength around my knee and hips. I’ll further admit – on weeks when I follow this to a T, my runs feel great. When I skip here and there (either by choice or pure forgetfulness), I feel it. Thus, my goal this upcoming week is to NOT forget and make time for adjustments so that I don’t physically suffer through the last few weeks of training.

Yes – “last few weeks” … doesn’t that sound delightful? I’m really over the hump now. I’m not quite at a taper, but I’m about 3 weeks away from the taper and the only other two big things that are standing in my way are the 18-Mile run (scheduled for Saturday) and the “Big Week” (The one where I run 5-10-5 and then 20!). Thanksgiving feels like it’s right around the corner (even though Halloween hasn’t even passed; I blame this on retailers because they’ve already got  Turkey and Holiday goods out) and everything big in my training program happens before Thanksgiving, so I’m getting excited that it’s almost all done.

This week I’ve got 4-9-5. I’m really relishing these 4 Miles runs and wonder how my weeks will feel once the Marathon is complete. For the past few months, my feeling for the day has been based around a running schedule (i.e., “I love Mondays! I don’t have to run!; I hate Wednesdays! I have to run and try and do it before it gets dark!”, etc.). There is a certain sense of “spontaneity” that I miss that I feel like I had before this intense training program took over my life. I also miss having my mind. Yes, it’s been a little pre-occupied lately. Almost every waking moment since I started this blog has been full of, “I should be doing …” or “I should try …” in regards to the blog and fund-raising. Whether I like it or not and whether you think it can be controlled or not, it is distracting when you want to succeed.

Speaking of distracting, one of the things that I have been thinking about for weeks now is the big “Funday Monday” post that I was trying to get everyone excited about. Well, I’m just going to tell you what it is and maybe someone can help: I was going to make a YouTube video (rap song, I was thinking) about Marathon or Bust. I was hoping that maybe just maybe it would go viral before Thanksgiving and I had a small, shimmer of hope that I could reach my really big goal yet still. Alas, another week went by and I just decided that I didn’t want to put in the time and energy that it would take for a GREAT video only to have it not produce any results.

This past weekend I spent a long time thinking about all the marketing efforts I tried to increase readership and raise some funds. Of course some (if not most) worked on some level, but the entire return that I was expecting did not pull through. In what would be a TV moment of slow replays, here’s some of the marketing efforts from this blog: the business cards which I handed out while I ran; the poster I ran with during the Navy 5-Miler, the flyer campaign (including posting signs about Marathon or Bust – in my building, in friend’s office spaces, etc.), standing outside athletic stores trying to get a donation by giving out free temporary tattoos, contacting DOZENS of companies and businesses trying to solicit a prize or get a sponsor; Hosting a Happy Hour; the chalk campaign along the Custis Trail followed by the Chalk Campaign on the Mt. Vernon Trail [with jokes!] … the list could probably go on and on. It’s been a lot right?

Anyway, as my training program is approaching some last big events before the taper, we’ve got some last big fund-raising events as well: First, there’s 5 more days to make a donation and take advantage of the DONATION DEAL. Don’t forget, you can increase your chances to win a really great prize, so long as you make your donation before Halloween. If you were planning on making a donation, well, now’s the best time to get in on the action. Second, I’m having a Stella & Dot party. I’ll update the events page later today so that those of you who don’t live in DC can go online and get some jewlery for a good cause (and get started early on Holiday Shopping!). If I know you and you live in the area and you haven’t received the evite, please let me know by leaving a comment so that I can add you to the list; if I’ve forgotten you, it’s merely because I’ve forgotten a lot of things lately as I describe above. Come to think of it, I also just remembered that I had an online “Store” at one point too – man that was a lot of work! I designed t-shirts and mugs … and then after a month of nobody buying anything, I decided to “close” the shop because I felt bad! lol. Gosh, Marathon or Bust has been quite the adventure. There’s still a few more weeks to the go, but it certainly is feeling like I’m a lot closer to the finish line.


PS – *I* bought a mug – it was quite good. I drink from it at least once a week, but if anyone asked, I’d say it is a part of the “Marathon or Bust Limited Edition” collection, lol.

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  1. October 26, 2010 8:09 pm

    i want my hubby to run 12 miles with me!! maybe one day lol. as much as i love run days, i know what you mean about how it’s nice to free your schedule up sometimes. and it is getting dark waaaay too early!

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