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We have a NEW PRIZE !!!

October 20, 2010

Nearly a day and a half and no post? I know! Readers, you’re probably wondering  – what the heck have I been up to?!? Too much!:

First, I’m sorry to report I ran a miserable 4 Miles last night. I was so tired and my mind was racing with such a long to-do list, it was unbearable. I half walked it / half ran. I’m happy to say my legs weren’t bothering me too much, but I did get mad at myself once I was on the treadmill because I forgot to bolster before starting. Oh well. No use crying over spilled milk. Unfortunately, my lack of enthusiasm this week re training is a running theme since I have no motivation to tackle 8 Miles tonight either [insert sound: buh-doo-boom!Pun intended!].

Anyway … after I run 8 miles tonight, I’m having a margarita! (I’ve clearly already decided). It’s not the smartest in terms of nutrition/hydration, but I’ll wait until I re-hydrate if that helps, otherwise, too bad! That’s my motivation and I’m sticking with it! Tomorrow, I’m up to 5 and then I have a nice REST day on Friday before I have to tackle 12 on Saturday. Speaking of 12 Miles, some of you may recall that the hubs and I were going to run a half marathon this weekend? Well, we had to cancel the plans. :*(  I know. I feel sad too. I mean, it is going to be our ONE  YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY but we can do that anywhere, so home it is. That’s where the heart is anyway, right?

On to other, exciting news ..

The Marathon or Bust Raffle has a NEW PRIZE !! Road Runner Sports (particularly the Falls Church location situated in Virginia), has graciously offered a FREE SHOE CERTIFICATE! Are you excited? I know I am! Because:

1. In case you didn’t know, Road Runner Sports has a PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE. Do you know what that means? If they fit you for a shoe that winds up giving you a black toe, then you can bring your shoes back! More importantly, they spend so much time evaluating you, your running style, and more – beforehand – so that you NEVER GET A BLACK TOE IN THE FIRST PLACE! If you’re a hardcore runner, this is a big deal as you’ll recall from my earlier posts this season (here and here).

2. They are a business that supports the community. That’s right – they CARE about the people who live around their stores. You might recall that Road Runner Sports is the retailer that let me stand outside their storefront during the Navy 5-Miler Packet Pick-Up. Well, that was REALLY appreciated, not only by me, but by the children and families of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In case I never said this before, I highly encourage you to shop at venues that support your local community and/or do charity work. You may be wondering how you can do this if you don’t live in VA when it comes to Road Runner Sports? Well, in re to RRS, you can find a location near you by clicking here OR you can just place an order online. Dare I admit, my husband and I actually knew about BEFORE we knew that a physical store existed within 10 minutes of us!

(Quick note re businesses that do good for the community – honestly, ever since I started doing this over the summer, I STOPPED shopping at certain retailers around my neck of the woods based on how I was treated, the answers I received, or – in some situations – based on the fact that I received no answer at all. I didn’t expect to receive a lot of “yes(s)” – especially in the middle of a recession – but I did expect to receive responses from venues where it’s clear I’m a customer.  For example – Pacers – well, I sent them some e-mails in August and they never hit me back with a response! They were already on the fence with me since they fitted my husband for a wrong shoe TWICE (which resulted in him getting his second black toe and probably his first too), but after I receive no response, I determined I didn’t want to give my money to a company that was clearly so focused on their own races, events, and store-fronts, that they didn’t have time to respond (and interact) with a customer. Note: they DO have some charity stuff that they get involved with, but I would still tell you to choose RRS over Pacers any day because their lack of knowledge when it comes to fitting a shoe is absent).

3. Running shoes can get expensive. In my household, we kill so many soles that we have a YEARLY BUDGET for sneakers. No joke. We don’t necessarily limit what we buy, but we definitely record it as a regular expense , well, because it is. SO – a FREE RUNNING SHOE Certificate – Well, if only I was eligible too! Darn it.

So that’s all the news from Marathon or Bust Girl. I hope you’re all enjoying your week and I hope you all consider making a donation TODAY if you haven’t already. Note, the Donation Deal is only good for 13 MORE DAYS. With the addition of a new prize, I really think you should get on it! 😉


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