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The Running Acronym Game!

October 18, 2010

Hey Everybody, Happy Monday! So, yes, I’m totally lame-o; I haven’t been working on my “big Funday Monday post!” – I’m sorry. I ran 16 miles on Saturday and I was even more useless this weekend than last because of it. I swear to you, I came home, was hurting so bad, and said to my hubby, “This isn’t fun. Why am I doing this? I never want to do this again. Don’t let me sign up for a marathon anymore.” – Scout’s honor.

Anyway, but Monday is a FUNday! … so we’re going to review some running acronyms … oh, and I threw in some of my own. Where there’s a blank, see if you can fill it in! Good luck! (PS – if you guess at EVERY acronym blank, even if you’re wrong, I’ll throw your name into the Marathon or Bust Raffle!) Here goes:

PR = Personal Record (as in, “I’m going for  a PR”)

AG = Age Group

MPW = Miles Per Week

HSTW! = ?

DNF = Did Not Finish

XC = Cross Country

NWN = ?

HR = Heart Rate

GPS – Global Positioning System (and basically refers to people who have GPS watches – it’s like a car Garmin for your wrist … if only it gave directions too!)

BQ = to Boston Qualify; as in to meet the standards to qualify to run in the Boston Marathon

RICE = Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation!

INAN = ?

and last one …

MFHSB! = ?

Leave a comment and fill try to fill in the blanks! Even if you don’t make a donation, here’s the one freebie chance you get! 😛 (or even if you already made a donation, here’s a good way to increase your chances!)

ep 🙂

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