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Only 4 Miles Left before the BIG 16

October 14, 2010

Yup, that’s right – I did my 8 last night and tonight I have to trek 4 more miles in about 12 hours before I get a rest day. There was only 2 sucky parts about my run last night: 1. My left leg is still not getting better and 2. It was dark. It’s ironic that I didn’t run in the morning because it was dark, yet somehow I got stuck running in the dark anyway. The hubby and I decided last night upon my return that he will run with me on Wednesdays – the puppie will just have to play in the house without us. With that decision, I will now openly admit: I hauled a$$ last night coming back to the house after the lights went out. I mean, I seriously jumped every time I heard a bush go bump in the night – whether it was because of a bunny or a squirrel. Either way, I took out my keys, had them poised in my right hand with the jagged edge out, and ran with a vengeance. If anyone was getting ready to jump out of anywhere, I would have gauged their eyes out (almost happened to one biker who was coming up behind me without announcing, “On your left.”) Anyway …

Speaking of bikers, I just reminded myself of something I wanted to say (a few things actually):

1. The BEST bikers are RUNNERS on bikes

2. If you’re on a bicycle my friend, then do my a favor and don’t shout “ON YOUR LEFT!” when you’re about a foot away from me; that doesn’t do any good other than annoy me

3. To the [nasty, rude] cyclist [male] who shouted out at me like a valley girl (as he passed me) last night: “[Ding, ding – his bell]  Uh, Puh-lease move ovER!” Here’s what I wanted to say to you, “Sucks for you but you have to share this trail! I’m not going to throw myself onto the curb so you can come around the bend at 30+ mph!” I guess he didn’t know but …

4. If you’re on a bike and I’m on my feet and I’m on my side of the trail and there’s no “oncoming” traffic, well, you can hop a little over into the opposite lane to pass me. I ONLY, actually move over a little when you’re on a bike and runners or cyclists are coming in the opposite direction so that there’s room for you in the middle – that is also, of course, when you ring a bell behind me far enough in advance that I know someone is going to pass me. Oh, and on that last note:

5. STOP RIDING IN PAIRS ON THE CUSTIS TRAIL – especially during Rush Hour!  You know when I especially DON’T move over while running?  When two cyclists ring their bells behind me and expect me to move to the trail edge so that they can continue on the trail in a pair.  The lack of common sense still appalls me sometimes.

Phew! Now that I got that off my chest! …

I’m going to focus on stretching on weight lifting over the next few days to build up the muscles around my left knee. With seven more weeks to go, if I don’t address this now, I am certain it won’t be good when the Marathon rolls around. So, I’ve got 4 Miles tonight AND weights, Rest tomorrow, 16 on Saturday (and hopefully I’ll have some “compression pants” by this point) and then on Sunday I am going to make sure I don’t miss my cross … I’m going to cycle and do some more light weights. Next week is a cut-back, so it’s a good time for my left leg to – hopefully – adjust.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Have a great Thursday and get excited for Inspiration Friday tomorrow. Oh, and have you made a donation yet? If not, go now! The +2 Donation Deal is only good for 17 more days!

ep 🙂

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  1. October 15, 2010 1:02 pm

    Oh, man… are you right about the bikers on the trail. Don’t get me wrong, I realize it’s more the exception than the rule, but the few who are rude, inconsiderate, and behave like the trail was made for bikers first and foremost tend to stand out in my mind! (I bike, too, and I concur that the best bikers are runners!)

    The other thing that gets me? Bikers who come whizzing by you as close as possible without announcing anything. I’m always afraid they’re going to take off an arm or something!

    Also… I always run with pepper spray when I go out alone. And I carry a headlamp if there’s a chance I’ll be out after sunset.

    Dorky? Well, yes…

    • October 15, 2010 9:56 pm

      I think I’m going to ask for pepper spray for Christmas. ha! (Dorky? No! You go girl!)

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