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3 Days + (Monday Training = off) = ?

October 7, 2010

It equals me being the happiest woman in the world!!! I keep forgetting that we have off on Monday. Then, somehow, someone reminds me (casual conversation, FB status, etc.) that we have a three-day weekend coming up and it’s like a bolt of electricity tingles my toes, moves through my legs, tickles my heart, and winds up surging a smile on my face! It’s still two days away, but I’m just thrilled. In fact, I’m so excited, I hardly remember I have to run 15 Miles on Saturday! You know, a long time ago I wouldn’t run 13.1 Miles unless there was a really awesome medal at the end. How that turned into me running 15 Miles for nothing, I have no idea. I mean, I know it’s not for nothing, but what do I get other than exhaustion?

Speaking of medals, if any of you out there have a LOT of them and you’re not particularly attached to them, I want to tell you about a wonderful program called Medals 4 Mettle. In short, it’s a program that facilitates the gifting of marathon finisher’s medals from marathoners to people who have demonstrated similar METTLE (aka, courage) [we’ve got a new word today too!]. The recipients can be any age and might have exhibited such mettle by dealing with disease, handicaps, or any similar challenge. Marathon runners donate their medals and in turn, Medals 4 Mettle professionals (doctors or other healthcare providers associated with the program) award the medals to those who might not be able to run a marathon, but who are in their own marathon as they continue to live their life.

Personally, I haven’t participated in this program, but one day I will. At the moment, I am too attached to the bling that I have acquired over the past two years when it comes to running.  It’s true and at the moment, I consider that a fault. Afterall, what are things?  BUT!  I know that I won’t always feel this way (after I have kids perhaps?) and so, one day, I WILL pass them on. Come to think of it – I think I have a second New Year’s Resolution for next year:

1. (I’ve had this for a few weeks now): Run a half marathon in 2:00 or less

2. Run a half marathon and GIVE THAT MEDAL TO MEDALS 4 METTLE

Yup. Now that I just typed that, it’s sticking. I feel good about that.

Tonight, I’ve got 4 Miles lined up. I charged my Garmin, but just to be sure, I’m going to google map it before I leave! [Can’t stop me now!]


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