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Dear 7 Miles, BaM! POW! In your FacE!

September 29, 2010

Dear 7 Miles,

I killed you this morning. I mean, yes, you put up quite a fight: you made my hip ache for the first mile, then you moved on to my knee, then you gave me a tight quad (all on my left leg, mind you). At around Mile 4, you almost defeated me physically and mentally, but somehow I got distracted thinking about all that I had to do today and after that, well, it was all downhill for you my dear friend. Or should I say foe?

It is official. I hate Wednesdays. I feel accomplished that I got this 7 Mile run out of the way (I’ll be handing out fliers tonight with a friend and Max, so I had to!), but getting up before the sun on Wednesdays – for the next 9 weeks – means that Wednesday is now officially the worst day of the week. I was up this morning at 5:30 AM. I have to say, “Thank you Sweetie!” to my dear hubby who also got out of bed at 5:30 AM to take the puppy out for his walk. [insert 14 hours]

Dear Readers … the above was the draft I started this morning. I was trying to post before I left for work, but that didn’t happen. After I had to leave the house, I figured I would complete it during my lunch-time and post. That also didn’t happen. Now it’s 9:15 PM … you know what else didn’t happen? I didn’t make it to Rockville to meet my friend and hand out fliers! Max and I tried, I swear. We were in the car, Max’s toys and all. Alas, about 2 Miles from the ramp to the hellish 495 Belt, the traffic was so badly backed up that I realized we’d be lucky if we made it to my girlfriend’s house by midnight. So, we turned around and drove home. In case you were wondering, Max also threw up in the car, but that’s neither running nor fund-raising related.

In a day of things that “didn’t happen,” at least I have one thing that did: My 7 Mile Run. BaM! POW! Take that 7 Miles! The day may have run away but you can’t defeat me.


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