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Update: Brock, The T-Shirts & My Confession

September 24, 2010

TGIF! I’ll start with my confession: Before this morning, I hadn’t run since Tuesday! (GASP!). Yes, dear readers, I just couldn’t do it this week; I have been so lethargic over the past two days that I just couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and I had absolutely no motivation at night. As for missing my run on Wednesday, my hubby would say it was the “margaritas that I had on Tuesday night” but I promise you, it wasn’t the tequila … I swear! I felt just fine on Weds. morning! It’s all to be blamed on being a woman. Yes, that’s right. In an attempt to avoid TMI on the blog, I’ll say this: with the ebb and flow of normal body processes comes an ebb and flow of motivation and energy as well.  I considered leaving this detail out, but I decided I can’t because if you’re a female runner, then you know what I mean and quite frankly, it can be a “setback” during training – so I want you to know that you’re not alone!  (Even still, honestly, I was beating myself up so much last night for missing two days of training when I have to run 13 MILES on the weekend; but the Marathon is still about 2 months away so I’ve told myself, “You’ve still got time, just don’t let it happen again.”)  Anyway …

So, with mind over matter this morning – and because today is Inspiration Friday(!) – I got out of bed before the sun and ran a little less than 4 miles at my local track. I really should have ran 6, but I seriously thought about stopping to sleep on the field for a little at Mile 2 (there was a lot of people there; nothing bad would have happened!) so I thought that I should quit while I was ahead.

Now, I have to admit: my motivation to run – even just 3.7 Miles this morning – was all Brock.  Remember him?

This is a third Friday that I’m talking about him because he’s at St. Jude’s now and he just had chemo this week.  As of 16 hours ago, he was taking a nice long nap, but before that – starting Wednesday, well, the chemo was beating up his little body pretty bad.

I wont’ get into the details (you can follow him too on Facebook), but I kept saying to myself, “If he can keep going back for more and more, then I have to drag myself out of bed, put on my Marathon or Bust t-shirt, and run for this cause!” And so I did. (And when possible, I tried to run right next to other runners so that they could read the back of my tee. )

Regular readers know that the Marathon or Bust t-shirts came in last week. I promised I’d post pics, so here they are:

[This the back]

The neon yellow shows the front.  Anyway, I’ve got those two shirts and a third color – blue – and I pretty much wear them all the time when I’m not in work (if I could wear it in work, I would!). I think the text on the back and the image on the front should have been bigger, but I own them now and I’m not ordering more, so it is what it is.

On to this weekend … I’ll be participating in the Navy 5-Miler on Sunday if you live in the DC Region.  Look for me!  I’ll be IN the race, but I’m also considering running WITH a POSTER during the race, for my cause, for all 5 Miles (I’m thinking something like an image of Chuck Norris that says, “Chuck says check it out: Marathon or Bust!”). I’m planning on making that tomorrow.  If I succeed, I’ll post some more pics.

As for the 13 miles this weekend, Brock – it’s all for you! Thank you for inspiring me.

Oh -and one last thing … GET EXCITED!! The Marathon or Bust HAPPY HOUR IS IN ONE WEEK! I’m working on flyers and posters galore. It’s going to be a busy weekend!

TGIF and Happy Feet!


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