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Ugh .. I still have to run 6 Miles …

September 22, 2010

So yesterday I was all perky and cheery and all “I ran my 3 Miles before 7:30 AM!” woo-hoo, look at me!  Wow.  Sometimes even I make myself sick.  It is now close to 7:30 PM and I didn’t get my run in yet today. Total bummer! I will, but in general, I really only like running in the morning – when my tummy isn’t full of a day’s worth of food, when the temps are still cool (humidity is on the rise as I type) and before the rhythm of the day has worn me down. (My brain gets tired, ya know!) The hubby is out for his run now while I puppy-sit (it’s more like puppy-monitor since I do own him and mainly my job is to make sure he doesn’t destroy anything), but in this one instance where he is running and I am not (and we would otherwise do it together), I think I can safely say I kind of miss our “together runs” a little! Anyway …

The good news is that even though the day has worn me down a little, I already know what I’ll be thinking about on my run: Next Week’s Happy Hour!

I stopped by The Laughing Man Tavern today to iron out some details and I have one word to describe myself: EXCITED!

First off, The Laughing Man Tavern is going to donate 10% of all sales that night to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. How incredible is that? If you ever wondered how I was going to reach $26,200, now maybe you know what I was thinking! I’ll also be hosting a 50/50 Raffle and the manager there confirmed that I can come in whenever to set-up (balloons and my table) which means I won’t have to leave work early too! I love it when the schedule works out in my favor.

Regular readers know that my long runs are on Saturday(s), but I decided that I’m going to run on Sunday that weekend so that I can have more than one beer that night. Is that bad? I mean, I’m not sacrificing any of my training, I’m just re-arranging it, no? 😉

If you live in the Washington, DC region and you didn’t already write it down, do it now: SAVE THE DATE! Where else does you drinking beer or wine and eating = money for a good cause?

Lastly, if you’re reading this, MENTION THIS POST AND I’LL THROW YOUR NAME INTO THE MARATHON OR BUST RAFFLE just for showing up and being a reader. That’s right – donation or not, if you come to the event and you read the blog, well then you deserve a chance to win a prize. If you bring a friend, I’ll add your name TWICE. Wait. Let me top that: FOR EVERY FRIEND YOU BRING, YOU WILL GET AN EXTRA CHANCE IN THE MARATHON OR BUST RAFFLE! Bring three friends and your name will go in the hat 4 times, bring 4 friends and it will go in 5, etc. Does that make sense? [If it doesn’t come, we’ll have some beers, and I’ll explain it to you. ;)]

I hope to see you there! I’m working on some flyers, paper invitations and more. I think this is going to be a good event. I can feel it. Now I only hope tonight is a good run (dare I admit I feel it will be the opposite? Positive thinking, Elena! That’s what I tell myself).

Have a lovely night and leave me some comments!

ep 🙂

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