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My Really Awesome Surprise (kind of) and then a REALLY AWESOME SURPRISE [Not Related to Running; Kind of]

September 14, 2010

Good morning everybody,

I am so sorry that I was delinquent in posting this weekend. I promised you I would post photos of my really awesome work from Friday night and what did you get? Nothing. But I swear it’s not my fault! You see, the hubby took pictures of my awesome work product, but when I was trying to upload the photos on Sunday, there was an “error with memory card.” Total Bummer! I know! I would have written a post to tell you all about this, but here’s the biggest surprise of all from this weekend (quite frankly, the biggest surprise of the season!) … Are you ready for it … WE GOT A DOG!

Rest assured, I have pictures of that!:

Do yourself a favor and don’t try this at home. If I thought working, training for a marathon, blogging, and fund-raising were hard enough, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I mean, theoretically, yes, I knew this would be like the worst idea ever, but after spending 2 hours viewing this little pup during an impromptu volunteer stint on Sunday, how could I put him back in a crate and send him off back to a boarding house?

I’m sorry. We just couldn’t do it. Who am I apologizing too? Probably my former self. Getting up at 6 am for a run was hard enough. Now I get up at 5:45 just so I can eat and take him out for an hour. Forget running. I’ve had to completely re-do the schedule (and we’re only on day No. 2 with this new puppy so the new schedule is changing day by day as we learn more). He’s only 3-4 months right now, but the good news is that about a year from now, he’s going to be my running buddy! AND, if I want to get up early and go for a run then, I’ll be able to do it without waking up my husband and making him run with me (I don’t go running around the neighborhood by myself in the dark).

Anyway, as for Friday night, what I did was I hit up the Mount Vernon trail with my “new and improved chalk campaign.” In short, instead of just writing “” every few miles, I wrote JOKES, then “”  Can you imagine reading something weird in chalk while you’re out for a run and then coming up to a punch line about .25 miles later? Here’s an example of one of my jokes: How do you stop a charging rhino? … Take away his credit card!

[Disclaimer: I know these jokes are cheesy. It’s supposed to be the fun and surprise of it all that makes it entertaining!]

Anyway, it rained on Sunday morning so I’m sure the chalk is gone by now, but I did get one donation and nice a note! I’d write the rest of the jokes here except I’m planning on doing the same thing along the Custis Trail a few weeks from now where it’s a little easier to read (the pavement is actually finer, so the chalk looks less gritty).

As for running, you don’t sign up for a marathon and abandon your 8 weeks of training just because you got a dog (though somehow I’m wishing I could!). I’m supposed to run 3 miles today. Correction: I have to and will run 3 miles today. But instead of mornings, since my doggie can’t run with me now in the dark and I can’t leave him in a crate just so I can go to the gym (that’s cruel!), I have to run after work when I know the hubs can watch him.

In the meantime, if you live in the Washington, DC region and you see a lady writing in chalk, with the above-pictured dog, and a man trying to control him on the side of the Custis trail – that’s us! Please feel free to stop and say hello! (But Dear God, please don’t make kissing noises as you run past because he really likes to chase after runners – he’s all about play.)

Happy running,


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