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Funday Monday!: You know you’re a runner when ..

September 13, 2010

You know you are a runner when:

  1. When your spouse/coworkers/children/neighbors complain about how cranky you are after you missed your run
  2. When you find that you have to think of your run schedule to remember what day of the week it is
  3. When your socks come in two categories: running socks and others.
  4. When you balk at the cost of everyday shoes and then spend $75 to $100 on a pair of running shoes that will only last three months–and think you’re getting a fabulous deal.
  5. When people stop asking you if you are going to run today, but rather ask you when.
  6. When you try to convince people to run a 5k because it’s “only” three miles.
  7. When giving directions, you can give the tenths or hundreths of a mile (“turn right in .38 miles”)
  8. When you have a favorite ice pack.
  9. When you go through a box of bandages without getting a single cut.
  10. When your rolling pin is kept near your bed instead of in the kitchen.
  11. When you have two eggs, two pieces of toast, a slice of cheese, a glass of juice, and a yogurt for breakfast and are hungry again by 11:00 a.m.
  12. When you drink your least favorite kind of sports drink because you know it is what will be handed out at waterstops at your next race and you want your body to be accustomed to it.
  13. When your family plans vacations based on where your next race or marathon will be.
  14. When you run so much that your family has a separate laundry basket for your running clothes.

I know you know what I’m talking about!

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