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She Works Hard for the Money! ($439 and a prize!)

September 7, 2010

Hey Everybody, hope you had a great holiday weekend! True to my word, I had a great 3-day-‘staycation’ with the hubby doing nothing and watching movies. It was delightful and I can’t believe the weather was so nice! Contrary to the plan, even though the idea was to do nothing for 3 days, I learned early Sunday morning that there were two members of the Marathon or Bust Team who decided to utilize the extra day off as an opportunity to work super hard for Marathon or Bust (MOB) – my Mom and my Aunt.

You see, at around 11am on Sunday, I got a text message: “Your Aunt and I worked a corner in NY. We made $439 for St. Jude’s and I got another prize!” Does that text worry you? Don’t worry. It worried me too. I called her immediately, “Mom, what are you doing?”

You know how one man’s junk is another man’s treasure? Well, my Mom’s junk was about a $300 treasure for St. Jude’s! [She’s going to be so mad when she reads this. Mom – it’s just a joke!] Anyway – some of you readers are following me because you want to learn about different ways that you can try and raise money for your causes. If you didn’t think of this one already, put it on the list: Have a garage sale. (Or, as the sign that my Mother made for her table, have a “Boutique Sale!”). You can do it in a variety of ways: Sell your own stuff that you would otherwise throw out; Organize a larger flea market and have people pay a flat fee for the organization work that you did which you give directly to your cause; Host a larger garage sale with people agreeing to give a percentage of all sales to your cause, etc. Through a combination of sales and donations, in total, my wonderful Mom and amazing Aunt raised $439 AND they got another prize for the Marathon or Bust raffle! … A $50 Gift Card to Gristedes! (If you lived in Manhattan, you’d be getting really excited right now)

There are a few people who I want to thank, but the conversation I had with my Mom was brief, so for now all I can say is:

Thank you Mr. Gristedes Man (my Mom said she has your name somewhere)

Thank you random stranger who made a $61 donation (my Mom said she also wrote your e-mail down somewhere in which case you’ll be hearing from me so that I can get you a donation form and St. Jude’s can mail you a receipt)

Thank you Mr. Art Man who helped my Mom find a location for her table, who also made a $20 donation, and who also came back to check on my Mom and my Aunt in the middle of the day.

An extra special thank you to my Mom and Aunt for: 1. Going through the attic and basement, 2. packing up the car, 3. paying the ridiculous tolls to get to and from Manhattan, 4. spending your day outside on the tail end of the windy-Earl weather, 5. raising such a fantastic amount of money AND getting another prize for the MOB Raffle, and 6. being so amazing! [side note – I wonder how many of the items sold were old toys of mine or items I left in my Mom’s house for safe-keeping!?! Oh well.]

Up this week for me, I’m still working on small flyers for the MOB Happy Hour on October 1, I’ve got a few more flyers that need some posting for the overall MOB website and I’m gearing up for a weekend of 2 days of fund-raising. My mileage is 3-5-3 this week with a long run on Saturday of 7, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I ran a little more than 11 miles this past Saturday because I got lost on the way back home from my 10 Mile Run, but the weather was so pretty and the city was so calm and beautiful that I hardly noticed (my legs noticed a little, but they’re okay now).

The last big news I have is this: My hubby is going to run the marathon with me! I’m very excited.  Don’t worry about him and training – he’s already ran two marathons. Third time’s a charm, right?

Mom and Titi Irene, THANK YOU AGAIN! – Your help put Marathon or Bust over $2k! I love you both.


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