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Updates: Brock & Black Toes. New – Underarms ..

September 3, 2010

TGIF everyone! I am so excited for a three day weekend!

Before we all depart for a few days of fun, holiday activities (barbecues, beaches, etc.),  I figured I’d give you an update for Inspiration Friday:

1. Brock – remember him?

I’ve been keeping an eye on this little man via Facebook. His Mom (Mandy) posts status updates and pics every couple of days. I think he’s incredibly adorable, even with his puffed up steroid cheeks. Like the roller coaster of life, he has had ups and downs through treatment. Last week Mandy  said he wasn’t feeling good. He had some chemo on Monday, Aug 23, which made him ill for the week and the steroids also gave him some major mood swings. Mandy said he was pretty out of it other than saying, “Momma hold.” Poor thing.  😦

The good news is that he also had chemo this week, on Aug 30th, and he seemed to respond well. As of the same date, Mandy reported that Brock was “feeling SO much better.”

On a very special and exciting note re Brock, he  also just had this second birthday a few weeks ago!:

Here’s some of the St. Jude staff celebrating with him (these are very special people):

Here’s Brock enjoying a present he received (making a hot dog!):

Mandy, thanks for all the updates. I’m not a very religious person, but I am indeed praying for Brock, you and your family.

Tomorrow I’ve got 10 miles to run. I’ve already got a few miles under my belt in honor of Brock, but because I’m really following him and I think of him frequently, Brock my dear, tomorrow’s 10 miles are for you! [Do me a favor and get better soon, okay? Kick that cancer’s butt!]

2. Other updates:

My hubby and my friend who were members of the Black Toe Club both got bigger size sneakers and both report that their toes are now better. Speaking of which, I actually had a dream last night that I had a black toe. Thus, the first thing I did this morning was look at my toes. To my surprise, I realized I wouldn’t know if I had a black toe because my toenails are painted! So now you know one thing that I’ll be doing this weekend – removing the polish to make sure my piggly wigglies are healthy!

Last bit of news is about underarms … Ever since I started training, I’ve been sweating profusely (especially during the longs runs).  I attribute it to all the water I’ve been drinking and I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but a few weeks ago my deodorant stopped working with the additional perspiration. So I’ve been playing around for a few weeks now with a variety of antiperspirants looking for something that can carry me through the  marathon.  One of the things I tried was Secret’s Clinical Strength Deodorant. They have a “Sport” one called “Marathon Fresh Scent”.  Sounds good right? Well, in general,  it is because it smells good and it helped control wetness, but I have very sensitive underarm skin and I wanted to let you all know I now have a very itchy, red, and sensitive-to-the-touch rash! That might be TMI, but if you’re struggling with deodorants like me, I wanted to let you know because if you have sensitive skin, this one might not be good for you. The itch has been so bad this week it actually woke me up in the middle of the night. :

Like many new things, you’ve got to test it out first.  I don’t want to say “don’t buy it” at all, because, generally, it works really well.  So, if you do pick this up, just do me a favor: if you have a reaction, throw it out. I admit –  I tested it, had a little reaction and still kept using it (I was excited I wasn’t smelling anymore!) so I’m the reason the rash is so bad. But as of this morning, it’s in the garbage so I’m back on the hunt.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend everybody! Don’t forget to check in next week – upcoming is a great Funday Monday post and I promise you now that on Tuesday or Weds. there is another awesome upcoming post with some really helpful (and delicious!) info for all runners.

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  1. Janelle permalink
    September 7, 2010 12:58 pm

    My trainer was telling me about a friend of hers who runs marathons. He told her that as soon as he laces up his shoes to go running, he starts to sweat. She attributes that to his body “knowing” it’s going to work hard and getting a jump start on the cooling off. She has some type of fitness degree… maybe she knows what she’s talking about??!!!??

    • September 7, 2010 6:06 pm

      Interesting. On the flip side, maybe running also makes him nervous and thus what he’s really having is an anxiety attack? I used to feel like that before I ran my first half-marathon. Anxiety would keep me awake at night before the long runs because I couldn’t possibly fathom how I could run anything more than 5 or 6 miles. Now the only thing that keeps me up at night is Marathon or Bust (running through ideas to increase blog awareness and ways to raise funds). ha!

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