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Beer ruined me, Facebook has now blocked me, New Balance is to blame

August 28, 2010

3:35 AM

Either my allergy medicine is evil or the ONE beer I had with my pizza last night was angry because something woke me up at 1:30 am and now I can’t sleep. Pizza and beer Friday(s) is one of my guilty pleasures, but now I’m considering that maybe I will need to abandon it until December 10, 2010? I fear my lack of sleep is going to be the death of my 9-mile run.

While I have been awake, I tried to be productive. I sent messages to fellow St. Jude runners via Facebook about the New Balance (NB) Movement Challenge. The Winner of the Challenge will get $25,000 to their charity of choice. Naturally, mine is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I was going to post about this contest a few weeks ago but at the time, I found the web-pages very difficult to navigate and it was a disaster amongst my test group. Since then, NB must have made some updates because it’s not as difficult. When I first signed up, I was in 20-something place. I’ve since slid down to No. 93, but since I’m still in the top 100, I thought I might have a fighting change. Every “recruit” gets 100 points and I’m only a couple of thousand points away, so I figured, “Why not recruit everyone who’s running in December and then St. Jude will be in No. 1?” And then I got to work …

Well, I got about 15 messages out before I received a red message on my screen from Facebook saying, “You are blocked. You can no longer send messages. You are sending too many messages at a rate that is too fast. The block may last a few hours or a few days and we can not lift it automatically for you.” How much garbage is that? FB can put all kinds of ads and “suggestions” in your face, but I try and message people who have written in a club forum and I’m blocked?! You know what I have to say to that?: Hocus Pocus! Poppycock! That really frosts my cookies!

Maybe the blocking was a blessing in disguise because now I have to go back to bed, but unless it’s lifted soon, I’m going to be pretty peeved.

On that note, Sweet Dreams readers. When I haul myself out of bed in a few hours, I’m going straight to the trail with no internet detours. I’m bringing some of my business cards as usual and hopefully I won’t be too physically exhausted. Additionally, if you’re a runner, please sign yourself up for the NB Movement Challenge using my referral code:

It costs NOTHING but with great team support and word of mouth, together, we can all put St. Jude’s at No. 1!

Thanks! ep

copy: 6cae7728-6e4a-4e45-ac48-d2d3d64d3f05

Now click here … then paste that baby and let’s do this together!

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