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Fuel Review – and only 5 more days!

August 26, 2010

As I promised earlier in the week, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about my experience with Gu Chomps:

Second to Luna Moon Chews, these are my favorite running fuel. They’re chewy, they’ve got good flavor and they’re NOT liquid Gu. They’re in second place for one reason only: portion size. You see, these little packages are TWO servings. That means you have to be going a distance where you can use them all (which doesn’t happen for me unless I’m doing a half-marathon distance or greater), you have to know exactly how many chomps are one portion, you have to be dexterous enough to ration mid-run, and you have to not to lose them all in the un-resealable package (either in your running pouch, pocket, or – if you’re me – to the ground).

I’ve had some strawberry Chomps in store for my upcoming 9-Miler on Saturday, but after last week’s post, a local reader/friend surprised me with some Sports Beans in an attempt to get me to expand my palette.

I’ve actually tried the Sports Beans in the past, specifically, the orange flavor (or maybe it was lemon-line?).  But it doesn’t matter; they were horrid. And I’m not alone in my review. The Sports Beans were given in a race pack and I was with three other friends who all agreed the flavor was NASTY. It was super-chemical tasting. My reader/friend thought that my dislike of the beans was from a “salty taste” that she thinks they have and had never had the orange flavor before. Her mention of the ‘salt’ made me re-think my experience. The last thing I remember is “salt.” Thus, maybe I just had a bad batch?

I’m open to anything and everything if it makes running easier and more enjoyable and she brought me Berry and Fruit Punch flavors (some of my faves!) so I’m leaving the Chomps behind and I’ll be sportin’ some Punch Beans instead.  I’ll let you know on Saturday or Sunday how that goes.  (Oh, and before I forget, even though the Sports Beans are one serving, they are re-sealable! If the flavor’s good, I can see Chomps sliding into third.)

Before I sign off, I just want to remind you all that there are only 5 more days left to make a donation and receive 2 EXTRA chances to win. Of course, you can donate all you want through December 4, but if you want to increase your chances of receiving one of the 5 fabulous prizes, then get your donation in now to ensure that you qualify!

A special Happy Birthday shout-out to my Mom.

I’m off,


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