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I’m Bustin’ Through Socks!

August 24, 2010

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that my big toe finally busted through a sock this morning. I feel like I’m in some kind of a club! For the longest time I didn’t understand why some people always buy other people socks for the holidays. Then I met my husband who goes through a couple of pairs a year, so now I understand. I always chalked it up to his running though and now I feel like (maybe) I’m a runner too! I must qualify that they weren’t “running” socks. I mean, they kind of were because they had a little lip on the heel to prevent getting blisters from your sneakers during exercise, but they were Hanes and I think I bought them in Wal-Mart and I’ve had them for probably three or four years. They were looking pretty thin when I first put them on this morning; I honestly thought to myself, “I wonder if I’ll break through these?” But I didn’t feel anything during my 3 mile run so I was very surprised when I took of my sneaker and my big toe was so exposed.

So, speaking of socks, here’s my latest fave (also known as my most recent running treat):

I bought these babies about two weeks ago when I got my new sneakers (my knees were aching). They are incredible! – A little cushy around the toe (which = less chance of black toe!), tight fit around the middle which means they don’t move much, and trusty “tab” to prevent heel blisters. They’re super soft too. The brand is called Feetures and they’ll cost you about $10.

Now, when it comes to getting them, I’m all about supporting your local running store. In case you need more variety, however, I’m also going to send you to my family’s favorite go-to internet store for socks:

That web address has always been one of my hubby’s fave but they’re mine too because they’re my secret weapon for when he busts through socks and I need to replace them. You see, in the same way runners become dedicated to sneakers, he is dedicated to socks. He could have more than 2 holes and he’ll still fight with me about throwing them out. Even harder is that he has some of the strangest running socks I’ve ever seen. So, when it’s time to throw a pair out, what I do is find the same exact pair on Sock Geek (they have the best prices) and replace his hole-y socks with the new ones when they come in. I think he generally thinks that elves fix his socks in the middle of the night. Whatever. The most important thing is to Shush! Don’t tell him!

Happy feet peeps,

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