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What a week!

August 15, 2010

Happy Sunday.  The weather has been glorious this weekend and it paved the way for a great 7 mile run yesterday. I took a ton of business cards with me and handed them out to everyone along the trails. Unlike when I did this two weeks ago, nobody ran away in horror! (A few people even said, “Good luck” which is just really nice to hear). Up next, my mid-week miles increase slightly and my long run on Saturday will be a cutback (I think that’s what they call it). It’ll be only 5 miles.  While I’m very excited that it’s only 5 miles, the following weekend, I have to run 9 miles! I don’t know how I feel about this program, Hal.  The half marathon programs that I did increased by a mile each weekend. That seemed completely do-able. I like that you’re giving me a break, Hal, but going from 5 to 9 scares me a little! I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes …

Oh – and while the 7 mile run was generally great, I wanted to let you know it wasn’t without a running setback. I got a wicked stitch at 6.39 miles. It was hurting so bad, despite my focused breathing efforts and rubbing, that I had to slow down to a walk for .25 miles. When I got to 6.64, I felt so bad about walking, that I forced myself to hop/limp/run until I hit 7.01. I had some water at Mile 6 which is what I’m convinced was the culprit. After years of running, I have a very odd hydration style that goes like this: 2 sips of water, 1 sip of Gatorade. Well I didn’t bring Gatorade and I just drank the water. My lesson was now re-learned.

On the fund-raising front, you can’t see it all on the donations page, but I’m over $1000! (Checks take time to be processed). That leaves 15 weeks and a little less than $25,000 more to go. Whew! It feels like a lot, but I’ve got some upcoming plans in store that should decrease that number a bit. Speaking of the plans, this week was the 3-3-3 plan and I did 1 out of 3 and substituted 2. In short, I didn’t make it to the track on Weds. morning and I forgot to get chalk this week which kind of killed the chalk campaign. So, I’ll just save those for another week and weekend. But all was not lost! I promise. I made a lot of phone calls and sent a dozen or more e-mails on Thursday to friends and prospective sponsors.  Unfortunately, the local businesses are tight on money, so most of my inquiries were met with rejections (one place didn’t even say “no” and instead tried to get me to make a donation to two of their “regular charities”!) but at least I tried so I was able to cross that off my “fund-raising to-do” list.  The second thing I worked on is still a work in progress, but hopefully I’ll be able to post about it later today or tomorrow. I think (hopefully!) that you’re really going to like it.

One of the things I tried to do on Thursday was get a table at the Philadelphia Half Marathon Expo. My goal was to get donations and inspire other runners to pick a cause. However, all booths were sold out. SO, I’ve put the Marine Corps Marathon on my list instead (it’s a little farther away so maybe the booths won’t be sold out) and it’s local. I’ll be checking on that this week if I can fit it into the schedule of work-run-eat-sleep (not in that order).  This week I’ll also be working on flyers, setting up two local happy hours in the Fall and my next fund-raising surprise which I hope to reveal later tonight or tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, readers! (And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog [enter your e-mail on the right] if you want to stay on top of The Adventures of Marathon or Bust Girl)

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