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Anna James – 15 Months

August 13, 2010

Happy Friday Everybody! Other than being Freaky Friday the 13th, do you know what else it is? Inspiration Fridays! Are you excited? I hope so because this week I’ve got a not-so-sad story for you about how incredible St. Jude’s really is. Sticking with last week’s non-“Patient of the Month” approach, I found a fellow runner on the Memphis Marathon Event Page who is running for a GREAT cause (her daughter):

Isn’t she a beauty? (Note: I adore the headband).

As my fellow athlete, Julie, tells us:

Anna James was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on February 11, 2010 at St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis at 15 months old. She immediately began an intense seven week chemotherapy regimen at St. Jude. She is now in remission, but continues to receive chemotherapy both at St. Jude in Memphis and at the St. Jude affiliate clinic in Baton Rouge for the next 2 years. St. Jude has been amazing for both Anna James and her family throughout her treatment.

Those are Julie’s words and that’s why SHE is running. Do you run for a cause? If not, I hope this blog inspires you. Equivalent to raising money, I have added another important goal over the next few weeks because I have come to the conclusion that more people should run for a cause and I would like to hope that beyond a donation, readers are inspired to use their feet to create something good. You don’t need to raise a ridiculous amount of money and you don’t need to run far, but can you imagine how much everyone could help out in the world if you ran only one race a year and picked a charity to go along with it? Most people who run for a cause choose something that is close to their heart, i.e., something that has personally affected them. I’m not going to do the research – and maybe I’m wrong – but I’m willing to bet that Breast Cancer Research is the number one fund-raiser when it comes to racing. Anyway, if you’ve never run for a cause, but you’re thinking about it, start with something that is the closest to your heart and if you don’t have anything like that well, first off – lucky you! and second, let me nominate St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and if after that, you still need something else, just hit up the internet and do some research because there are a LOT of good causes out there that are small and easily affected by even just $500. As a final note – you don’t have to run races that specifically sponsor a cause. You can pick ANY race and just make it your goal to raise a certain amount of money for that cause. I guarantee you, when you inform the charity of your choice what you’re doing, you’ll get nothing but happy smiles.

Now, back to MY running and MY cause 😉 … tomorrow I run 7 Miles.  Anna James and Julie – this one’s for you and the people who helped you get onto Remission Road (that’s what I call it). May you stay there and go beyond forever after! See you in December! …

[If you have already made a donation – THANK YOU! If you’re new to the blog or you’ve been following and you’re just holding out, please consider making a donation today. As a reminder, each donation received between today and August 31 will receive an additional 2 chances in Marathon or Bust Girl’s raffle. Prizes will be revealed in a few more weeks, but I like to think that the raffle is just the icing on the cake to your donation. You can make a donation online by following the links on the “Make a Donation” page. Additionally, if you would like to mail a check, you can print out a form on the “Make a Donation” page as well. There is an address on the form that tells you where to mail the check. Click on this link and select the “Print This Form” link under the picture.]

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