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One Prize Revealed!

August 12, 2010

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day! Tomorrow’s Inspiration Friday and today is going to be an exciting post. Can you guess why? Or what it is? Of course you can if you’ve read the title!

So, if you make a donation, what could you possibly win? Here you go:

1. a One Hour Massage from our friends over at M3 Massage in Georgetown!

[You were probably wondering what that link with the octopus was on the right side, huh?]

Unless you’re someone who doesn’t like random strangers touching you, then you should be very excited because M3 has got some of the best masseuse(s) in town. I was actually wondering how long I could and would keep this secret gem from you, but quite frankly, it’s not fair of me to not tell you anymore. The truth? I go once every other week. There. I said it. It’s true.

Honestly, running a marathon and raising money for St. Jude’s knocks off 2 of my New Year’s Resolutions. Getting a monthly massage was my third. (And I only had three). Of course my hubby thought the “Get a Massage Once a Month” resolution was complete B.S., but I like to think that treating your body well is important and that was my one goal to myself this year. So how the heck did I go from once a month, to once every other week? My answer is two-fold: 1. They have a REALLY great monthly membership which I just joined (can you say affordable and quality massage?) and 2. I increased my visits to every other week when I started training for the marathon as a part of my plan to hopefully prevent any kind of running injury. Some people think of a massage as a treat (well, because it is!) but I have really come to consider it as a vital part of my training program. Ever since I’ve increased my visits, I’ve also decreased my fear of injury because I keep running more and more each week and yet my legs feel great.

Anyway, even if you don’t make massage a part of your program, and let’s say you can’t afford it as a monthly treat, at the very least, if you’re running any race, save some money and make your appointment now for a post-race massage. I did that after my last half-marathon as motivation/a treat for all my hard work and it was heavenly. (No joke, during my long runs my mantra would be, “After this half is done, you’ll get a massage; After this half is done you’ll get a massage …”)

If you live in the Washington, DC region and you want to make an appointment with M3, here’s some more amazing info:

1. They have a Facebook page that they update three times a week and on Mondays, they offer DISCOUNTS!

2. Currently, they’re having a raffle for Redskins Tickets (!) – the game is September 19th and they’re raffling off on Sept 10th

If you make an appt. this week, they’re offering 10% off a 90-minute massage (that’s what it says on FB!); just make sure you mention the FB post (and you can tell them that Marathon or Bust Girl sent you there too!)

Treat your bodies well,


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