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3-3-3 and the New Gatorade Series

August 10, 2010

Miles this week are still pretty low: 3 on Tuesday (check!), 3 tomorrow and 3 on Thursday.  I really like the mid-week runs because I can veg out and I always feel great afterwards (not too winded, energetic, legs are fine, etc.). So in terms of running this week, it will be pretty undramatic (unless I take some kind of random fall which is truly possible, but hopefully won’t happen). In honor of the 3-3-3 miles I’m running, I’ve got a three-fold fund-raising plan for the week:

1. Set up a table at the local track tomorrow morning

2. Chalk campaign on Saturday and/or Sunday [what the heck is a “chalk campaign?” – I’ll tell you more on Thursday!]

3. Resume handing out business cards during the long runs on Saturday (I didn’t do it last Saturday because I wanted to enjoy the run versus feel like I was working)

Also, on Sunday, I tried something new so I wanted to share it with you all:

Have you seen this? It’s the Gatorade G3 Series. I’m pretty sure the advertising campaign just went into effect because they’re subtly everywhere (including a 2 page spread in this month’s Runner’s World). I give Gatorade major credit, I think this is going to be one of their biggest $-makers. In general, people have always thought of Gatorade as an “athletic” type of beverage. But *athletes* have always thought of it as a sugary drink. Now, Gatorade has upped the campaign so that the average masses can feel like theyre getting in on the athlete-action too (i.e., buy this and suddenly *you’re* an athlete!). We’ll see how it works. Is Gatorade a public company? If it was and I was the betting type, I’d get some stock.

Anyway, call me old-fashioned, but when we were at the grocery store over the weekend, I picked up some Gatorade in preparation for the upcoming long runs which will soon be 9+ miles. An aisle later, and my hubby found some of this:

I would have been quite content with the good old red-in-a-jar G stuff, but he insisted I try this “cooler” powder that was also “half the price of the pre-made liquid” and “easier to carry.” It wasn’t a hard sell. Save a buck? I switched the items in the cart.

For my cross training on Sunday, I went on a serious bike-ride (my bum is still a little sore). It was only supposed to be a 20 minute spin around the neighborhood, but it turned into a 2 hour tour of the region. I wasn’t quite hydrated for that kind of adventure before we departed, so when we got home, I was salty as the ocean and as soon as we walked in the door, I made a beeline for the kitchen for – you guessed it – the Gatorade “Thirst Quencher” powder.  I DID have water on the ride with me, so I wasn’t thirsty per se, but when you’re really salty, you know you’ve lost some electrolytes, so I wanted to make sure I was putting them back ASAP. I was nervous at first – powder + water? Didn’t sound like it could be appealing, but honestly, it tasted JUST AS GOOD as the original stuff if not – dare I say – better! (It was more watery with a hint of flavor versus the previous sugary/corn-syrup tasting beverage)

I downed 16 ounces in about 5 minutes and immediately made another. I put water in my Nalgene, threw in the powder and several ice cubes, shook it up and BAM! I was ready for a second G-3 hit. It was really, really good. All the powder dissolved, it wasn’t cakey, the flavor was good. In sum – I recommend it.  Now, I don’t know about the rest of the G3 series (the prime and recovery stuff). I can’t say I’ll be trying it soon because I’m currently quite content with my protein shakes for post-workout (they’re a treat, like a milkshake), but I might try it in the future for the sake of the blog. If I do, I’ll let you know.  If you see anything else on the shelves that you’ve been wondering about, leave a comment and I’ll put it on the list for a future testing.

Happy feet this week to all!


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