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Setbacks, things that don’t work, and more

August 8, 2010

Hey Everybody,

I hope you had a great weekend.  I took a day off from blogging for a variety of reasons.  First, I wanted to let Brock’s story sit a little longer at the top of the blog.  Second, I’ve had a little bit of a rough week when it comes to fund-raising.  I mean, I know the marathon is about 4 months away, so it will all work out in due time, but I’ve been writing a lot (both blog posts and e-mailing sponsors, etc.) and the results this week have been a little weak compared to the amount of effort that I feel I’ve been exerting.  So, on that note, I wanted to take a day off to relax, to remind myself that results are not always immediate and to be fully present in the life that is still going on around me outside of marathon training and fund-raising.  Lastly, I also had a few running setbacks this week.  If you’ve followed the blog, you know I took quite a fall on Tuesday.  Well, the fall had me hurting some so I decided to rest on Wednesday and I ran very, very slowly on Thursday.  I was actually in tears on Tuesday night, afraid that I might have injured my knee so much that the marathon was not an option, so I’ll admit, there was also crying involved.  The good news is that I’m fine and I was able to complete my long run yesterday (note: I DID take a walking break though … or two 😉 ).  Anyway, nothing was injured this week that didn’t heal (including my morale).

But on that note, I want to share a few things with blog followers and fellow runners because I’ve been visiting the Runner’s World forums and there’s a certain topic that keeps coming up (including in my life last week): setbacks: missing a run, feeling like crap on a run, not being able to complete the mileage on a run, in general, just not being able to do what you set out to do.  If you’re new to running, let me inform you, some of the previous things can be devastating to a runner and they can also me a huge mental roadblock if you’re training for a race.  So I’m writing here today to remind everyone of something important: nothing, except health and loved ones, is so important that you can’t pick yourself up from whatever the setback was and eventually get yourself back on track to your goal.  (Yes, note to self, I did that yesterday).

When I went on my long run yesterday, as I was heading back home, I saw a girl walking on the side of the trail – crying – and with a bloody knee.  I thought about stopping to ask her if she was okay.  It was evident that she must have been running and took a fall.  But she was walking fine and I was more nervous that she would think I was crazy, so I kept on my way.  I really wanted to run next to her and say, “It’s okay! I mean, your knee probably hurts like hell, but look, if you run enough, it’s just a matter of statistics before you eventually fall and the good news is, you only scraped your knee! Go home, clean it up, rest a little, and in two weeks, maybe you’ll be a mile behind where you thought, but you will be okay.”

After I said all those things to her in my head, I thought, “How is it so easy for you to tell her to chip up when you’ve been down in the dumps for 4 days about the pace of your fund-raising?”  I guess that’s where I had my moment.  The moment when you realize that some things just won’t work and some accidents will happen, but in the end, everything will be okay.  Speaking of things that don’t work, here are things I tried this week (re fund-raising) that didn’t work:

1. calling in a radio show

2. e-mailing the Today show

3. e-mailing sponsors (I already knew this and prefer to see people vis-a-vis, but sometimes today, with the power of the internet, it’s just not possible)

4. e-mailing the PR company of three celebs to see if they would be interested in mentioning my blog/cause

All kind of crazy, huh?

After the girl with the bloody knees walked past me, I thought back about all of the above and finally had a laugh.  Then, through a Christmas miracle, my attitude changed.  For all the things I’ve tried that don’t work, I still have a really long list of things that I’m going to try.  I’m willing to bet at this point that probably more than half of them won’t work, but through a matter of statistics, it’s a safe bet that at least some of them will. Right?

If you’re reading and you’ve got some ideas for raising $ (something that appeals to the masses beyond what I’m already doing), leave a comment!  And don’t forget: “Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body.” (-Lynn Jennings) Don’t let the setbacks wear you down. Stay tuned for more antics, more runs, some delicious food, and a great inspiration story on Friday that will hopefully make you smile.

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  1. Janelle permalink
    August 9, 2010 8:13 pm

    You are one tenacious little mama!!!! Keep up what you’re doing and good things will happen.

    • August 11, 2010 6:50 pm

      I just want to congratulate you on taking on the commitment for St. Jude. Here are some things that runners in my group are doing to raise money. One is offering to shave their head, wear a wacky costume if they meet their fundraising minimum, be a running billboard for a company. These may be a little zany, but could work. Do you know of a local journalist or writer who may have a interest in St. Jude? Contact them and pitch what you are doing, but the connection between the funds you raise and how they can help a child etc.

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