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Fallin’ on my butt in the name of St. Jude

August 4, 2010

I was going to post something yesterday, but decided to take a day off instead. However, I can’t completely skip a day because yesterday was one of my most eventful days yet. To start, I was up at 5am. Yup. Remember how I hate waking up early? Well apparently my body was protesting the night before last because it wouldn’t let me go to sleep. I think it was part nervous, part excited for a reunion that I had with my old Boot Camp yesterday morning. Remember when I talked about the most bad-ass boot camp in town? Well I guess I wasn’t hurting enough with my Marathon training because I decided to visit the best [male] trainer I ever had – Said Bari. Now, today, through a variety of exercise and clumsiness yesterday, I’m hurting.

Have you ever seen the videos on Youtube of people falling on their face while tripping over their feet on the treadmill? That’s not exactly what happened yesterday (though yes, I’ve done that in the past), but I think the fall I took is equivalent to the calamity of those who fall on a treadmill. It wasn’t a treadmill that was my downfall- it was a box. And between me and the box during an exercise called “box jumps” it was the box that won the match of me versus squats.

So, we have to start at the top: What’s a box jump? Play this video:

Well, that guy above makes it look pretty easy, but when you have the vertical jumping potential of almost-zero (ahem, me), then you’ve got a recipe for disaster my friends.

I can’t even remember if I managed to complete one jump before I managed to make a fool out of myself? In short, I took a leap in the air and landed on the front end of the platform which sent the platform flying ahead about 2 feet, each of the risers flying to the left and right about a foot, and me flying backwards to the floor. In the video the narrator says, “try and land softly on the box.” I failed. Not only was I neither soft nor gentle, but I made a ruckus and quite a mess. Fortunately, I have a good sense of humor, but quite frankly, for any other normal person, it was an embarrassing spectacle.

At the end of the class, I tried to plead my case for St. Jude: “If you feel bad for me for embarrassing myself, please take one of my cards and make a donation to St. Jude!” That was a good plug, huh? Only 3 people (out of about 10) took a card [and still, they have yet to make a donation]. Maybe I didn’t embarrass myself enough? Oh well. It’s another day in the life of Marathon or Bust Girl. I quoted the other day, “Go big! or Go home!” Apparently I’m taking that principle with me everywhere I go even if it means surrendering my dignity.

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  1. August 6, 2010 10:20 am


    You’re very inspiring. Best of luck in your marathon training!!

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