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6 Miles, Business Cards & A Surprise!

July 31, 2010

As one of my favorite Clients frequently says, “It’s a beautiful day!” The weather today for my long run was great – mildly breezy, not terribly hot, and only a hint of humidity.

I set off for my run this morning around 10:30am. I knew it was going to be a good run for two reasons: 1. My business cards finally arrived this week and this would be my first long run with them and 2. I saw the English Bulldog puppy when I exited my building. I had grabbed 10 business cards for my run, played with the puppy for a few minutes, then set off for 6 miles. Not too long before I hit the trail, I also ran across my hubby running back from his run, so I wasn’t even a mile in and all I could think was, “This is going to be a good one!”

My course was an out and back, so the plan was to get rid of all 10 business cards before I hit mile 3 so that when I circled back, I could pick up any that someone might have thrown to the ground. I know – that’s not very optimistic, but I like to think I’m optimistic with a line connected to reality, so I wanted to make sure that my good efforts weren’t also ruining the environment. I’m really happy to report that I was able to hand out all cards before Mile 3 and I was only told, “No thanks” – once. Yes, someone told me no. In fact, they looked fearful. It was my 6th or 7th card in. I was so excited that people -up to this card – were receiving them well that I didn’t even think about someone saying no. So, yes, I did feel a pang of disappointment when that one “No”-Runner looked horrified as I tried to hand him my card. Upon reflection, maybe my excitement came across as overly-zealous (?) … But I only let it bring me down for about 30 seconds before I brought myself to a laugh. After all, you do hear a lot of “no”(s) before you get to “yes.” And it was really funny that he looked like he was running AWAY after he said, “No.” In general, the fact that I only got 1 no out of 10, is a really good thing. Also – there were no cards on the ground for my 3 miles back. 🙂

Anyway – so if you’re a new reader – welcome to the blog and hopefully you’re visiting because my business card plan was a success. Donation or not, I’m also happy to build up my readership. To date, about 4 weeks into this blog, I have about a 100 readers a day! But I digress … Back to the run …

So I turned around at the Mile 3 marker and continued along the trail on my merry way. I run my long runs without my iPod so I was a little worried that I might be get bored along my run. But I didn’t. In fact, the miles seemed to pass in the same way that sometimes the miles pass when driving long distances. I should be ashamed to admit that, but I’m not. Do you know what I’m talking about? When you’re just kind of in the zone and thinking about lots of random things, then suddenly you’re 50 miles from your departure point and you think, “Woah, am I paying attention?” I know I was paying attention, but my point is that the time passed more easily than I ever thought it would.

When I first started running hard-core (specifically my first half-marathon training), there was a point when 6 miles TERRIFIED me. At that time, my long runs were on Sundays. I’d basically spend all of my Saturday thinking about Sunday and then wake-up and say, “I’m scared.” My husband would laugh and say, “Why?” I’d respond, “Because I have to run 6 miles today and I’ve never run 6 miles before.” That was a little more than a year ago. I’ve never ran more than 13.5 so I think Mile 14 might resurrect some of my fear, but today, when I thought about how I was running 6 miles without even giving it a second thought, I also thought about Rayna and her family and I made a promise: If the weekend that my long run is 15 miles scares me, I’ll think of Rayna. (Did you read yesterday’s inspiration story?)

Most of what I thought about during my 3 mile return related to more ways that I can get the word out about Marathon or Bust. My first point is always here – this blog – with my readers. If you like what you’re reading, either bookmark the page, add me to your RSS feed, or subscribe so that you get an e-mail when I write a new post. I can guarantee you one thing – it’s only going to get better, because in a few weeks, I’ll reveal what prizes are in store for your donation. But the next part was increasing visibility beyond my current plans. I did have one new idea at Mile 5- set-up a table along the Mount Vernon Trail a few weeks from now. So yes, in about three weeks – that’s where I’ll be.

As for the rest of this post, you’re probably wondering what was the surprise? I saw a bunny along the trail! If you read my earlier blog about puppies and bunnies, you’ll know why this excited me. The bunny also came along at the end of my run, so I finished on a high note. Honestly, to date, this has been the best long run I can remember ever.

Happy Saturday fellow readers, bikers, runners and friends. Have a good weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow or Monday with the next installment of running and fund-raising.

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