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Make a Donation and Win a Prize!

July 29, 2010

A prize? What? Yes! You heard me. As some of you may know, I have been working very hard to obtain prizes that I will raffle right before Thanksgiving rolls around. I am not going to reveal what they are just yet, but I guarantee you, they are incredible. As of right, I am working towards a goal of obtaining 10 prizes. However, if I’m lucky, there very well may be MORE than that! (I have assumed that I will receive more “No”s then “Yes”s but I have found recently, that I might be wrong in my assumption!)

If you have already made a donation, consider yourself lucky because not only are you eligible, but I’m throwing in an extra 2 Bonus chances! At this point you’re probably wondering, well, what ARE the chances? :

ANY donation will receive 1 chance

Donations in the amount of $100+ will receive 3 chances

Donations in the amount of $200+ will receive 10 chances

And here, I have the BEST news of all: You can win more than one prize! (with minor exceptions. For example, me and my husband are not eligible for any of the prizes). In theory, with 10 prizes up for grabs, if you make a $200 donation and you have REALLY good luck – you could win everything!

Here’s some extra exciting news: ANY DONATIONS MADE BETWEEN TODAY AND AUGUST 31 will receive an ADDITIONAL 2 chances. That means if you make ANY donation, we’ll throw your name in the hat 3 times. If you make a $100 donation, you’ll get 5 chances, etc. Are you getting excited??!!

If you have any questions, leave me a comment so I can respond for everyone else to also see. Regarding questions I always think, “If you’re thinking it, so is somebody else probably.” One question I have already been asked is, “Is my donation tax-deductible?” and the answer is yes. (see here)

A special thanks to those sponsors/contributors who HAVE already said “Yes” to my inquiries if you’re reading this post. Additionally, a special thanks to those who have already made a donation and/or sent me some words of encouragement. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every message, every card, every e-mail and every note over the past few weeks. As a reminder, I’m no one. I’m just a person on the street like everyone else. The kids of St. Jude’s and their families are the REAL heroes. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Inspiration patient. She’s unlike the others I have previously featured on this blog.

If you haven’t made a donation yet, you might want to get on it!: Click here to go to my donation page

I’m off to run my 3 miles for the day,



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