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Alarm Clocks and Puppies and Bunnies – Oh my!

July 28, 2010

Howdy Everybody!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you all about my running this week, but after this morning’s fantastic sweat-fest, I couldn’t hold out any longer.

I got up at 6:20am today and was out the door by 6:35 (I know. I have no idea how I did it either). I wasn’t excited about the run, but I did give myself a little pat on the back for actually waking up and not struggling for 5 minutes with the idea of getting out of bed.

Anyway, as soon as I headed out the door, I was greeted by one of the greatest starts to a run: a puppy! Yes, indeed, a neighbor was taking his new little puppy out for a morning walk and I was fortunate enough to be right behind him as they exited the building.

I first saw the little puppy a few days ago flopping along in some nearby grass across the street. At the time, he was so small, I couldn’t determine his breed from 50 feet away; The grass was actually bigger than him! But today, after my up-close and very personal visit, I learned he’s an English bulldog (And yes, I’m still gushing. I’m telling you – he’s just the cutest!). He’s been home with his owners now for about a week.

I spent a few minutes chatting about the puppy with his owner (How’s he doing in the new place? Is he driving you crazy? Has he peed on anything yet? etc.) After a few minutes, the darling little thing sat down on the ground and nuzzled up next to my sneaker. He was so cute. I continued talking to the owner until I felt a little tug at my feet. Can you believe the puppy was  playing cuddly just so he could get within chewing distance of my shoe laces! Oh gosh, but he was so cute. I didn’t care. A few minutes later, I determined I should stop procrastinating and I went off on my run.

I thought about the puppy for quite a bit during my first mile on a variety of levels: Should I get a puppy? I’m in such a good mood, is it all because of that puppy? My legs feel so good, is it because of my mood?” I wish I had a picture of the puppy! Maybe I should bring a camera along my runs? … etc.

Anyway – I finished my 3 miles in a short period of time and realized one thing:

I really need to make sure that my eyes are open – at all times – to the wonderful things that will be around me while I run. For example, my hubby keeps seeing bunnies in our neighborhood when he goes for his runs. I’ve been looking for three weeks (for these supposed bunnies) – to no avail – and I have since given up. Maybe I shouldn’t give up! Maybe I was looking too hard. In the same way that people say, “Stop and smell the roses” maybe I should make sure I “Run and look around you!”

I hope I run into the puppy every morning now. A bunny rabbit or two would also be nice.

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