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9 Year Old Robert Inspires My Long Run …

July 24, 2010

Robert Brindle
9 years old


Robert was found to suffer from acute lymphoblastic leukemia in December 2008.

Robert’s Story:

When 8-year-old Robert unwrapped a new Xbox 360 on Christmas morning, his parents immediately realized something was wrong. Robert, who had long coveted the video game console, showed no excitement for the gift. That weekend, Robert developed terrible nosebleeds and was listless. By Tuesday, he wasn’t feeling any better. His doctor ordered blood work, which revealed devastating news—Robert was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common form of childhood cancer. The doctor referred him to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

At St. Jude:

When Robert and his parents arrived at St. Jude later that evening, they were afraid. “I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact Robert had cancer,” his mother said. But right away, they felt at ease. “Someone was waiting for us,” she said. “They knew who Robert was as soon as we arrived.”

Robert started a two-and-a-half year treatment protocol immediately. He takes oral chemotherapy every night, and visits St. Jude once a week for intravenous chemotherapy. Robert is a bright child who often asks his doctors at St. Jude very detailed questions about his treatment. “He trusts them,” said his mom. “The staff is very straight forward and they explain everything to him.”

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